Saturday, October 15, 2005


Today is a holiday.I thought of preparing for CAT exam,but not able to put concentration on that so i thought of writing a blog .

i am staying in hostel in these dussehra vacations.That is the bad decision i took[:(].All my friends went home and enjoying there.
i am feeling to go home now..i cannot go now becoz it so far..

i just thought of enjoyment we did for every dussehra...WONDERFUL!!...
getting up in the morning and do pooja...and amma's breakfast,lunch and also dinner.
going to temple in the evening..and meeting friends and enjoying with family..nice traditions and nice weather......
OH GOD...when i can enjoy like tht again...

but now i can do one thing...SLEEP [:)]

we will get nice dreams ..and that is the best way to timepass..Sleeping the one which we always want to be with..we feel comfortable with that....hmm

but sleeping makes us lazy and won't let to do any work..and a real student's best enemy.
hmm....lets hope today should not go waste and
GOD plzz...let me do something good and useful work..

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Today.. i thought of something about friendship..

i have so many friends..but i am not satisfied with their friendship..why??


What is Friendship?how it will be??

i thought tht i have so many friends..but i got a doubt that

am i really having this relation?

i felt tht,friendship will be done for their selfishness.Iff a man want to do some work then he will make friendship with the person who will do his work in a perfect manner
i mean i want to tell that he uses a person for his own work with the name of friendship

Friendship is the relation that has to be until u die. But i didn't see that in the people around me why??why??
is it like that here or everywhere else??
i saw so many people who are very close for 2 or 3 years and for some small reason they fight.what happened to their friendship?is it just for 3yrs?
some people enjoy by teasing and giving showoff infront of others in the name of friendship
r they really our friends??no i don't think so..

i really want to see some people who really know about true friendship..and when the day comes then i believe that still friendship exists in the world..

i don't know whether my feeling about this is right or wrong..if anybody knows about this please give reply and let me know what exactly it is..and clarify my doubts..


Friday, September 30, 2005

Power of Past Life

Generally, people says tht "Leave the Past"

i think we have to remember our past life because it is the only thing which shows us the right direction in our future life.
-- Our past life shows our mistakes and tells to be careful in our future.
-- It has so many unforgettable memories which we can remember them always and always.
-- It gives us inspiration and encouragement.

it continues...

The bad things which we done in our past life have the power to change our behaviour.
It can change a person to bad to good or bad to good..this depends on the person.
so i think never forget our past life ..

varun garrepalli

my first blog...

This is my first blog

i think we can express or views which comes to our heart
that is what i am going to do here